This is how the Dream Weekend was for Ine and Marcus in the Kongsvinger region

Ine Lindseth Slettbakken and Marcus Borger received the happy news that they were winners of the "dream weekend" just before the summer holidays. The last weekend in August, the couple came "home" and set out on a journey to experience the possibilities in the Kongsvinger region. Apart from an extensive package list, they have had no idea what to expect.

Weekend in brief

The first stop on the journey was Pan treetophytter in Åsnes. When they woke up after a good night's sleep among the treetops, they knew little about the fact that a few hours later they would swing from tree to tree in Gjesåsen climbing park, fish with Explore Finnskogen, have dinner by the fire and sleep in Lavvo on a desert island in Røgden.
Saturday started the day with a fast-paced boat trip to the mainland after spending the night on Storholmen. The joy was great when the two were told that the next stop on the journey was the wellness hotel Finnskogtoppen. After a few hours of pure well-being, they were told to meet in Kongsvingerhallen, where "Two bouncy" was waiting by the clearing wall. A little later, the couple received a warm welcome and storytelling by Lars Ovlien at Kongsvinger Fortress. Mayor of Kongsvinger, Margrethe Haarr, and Runa Sørlie Rekstad with colleague Erik Øvrum from Statistics Norway Kongsvinger took the trip to talk about career opportunities in the region. After a lovely dinner at Festningen Hotel & Resort, the couple went on to Café Bohem in Øvrebyen where artist Kenneth Norum filled the premises with evocative tones.
Sunday started with a royal breakfast at the fortress before leaving for Eidskog municipality. At Magnor Glassverk, they were met by Cato Amundsen, who showed off the glassblowing profession. It looks relatively simple when a driven glassblower forms glass. The couple learned that it is not as simple as it might seem. A little later and a few meters away in the street, Ingelsrud Konditori serves up delicious sandwiches, barista coffee and wheat bread for lunch. Just before leaving for the weekend's last stop, Ine and Marcus learned that water skiing was the weekend's last challenge.

Well ahead at Slåstad Vannskiklubb, the couple was well received by Knut Einar Kvisla with the junior national team and others involved in the club. Sondre Stalheim performed tricks, slalom and jumps with his teammates. Impressively, both Ine and Marcus mastered water skiing. The latter was challenged to jump and was already on the third attempt.

All weekend, Ine and Marcus got to drive a brand new Mercedes GLB. Thanks to Kongsvinger car center for car loan.

Short film

The result of the dream weekend will be a short film that will show the possibilities in the Kongsvinger region. Mats Birkeund and Hallvard Kolltveit have been following the couple through the camera lens all weekend. - The goal is to make as short a film as possible without too much direction, and it seems that we will get the material we have now collected, says director Mats Birkelund satisfied. The film will be ready during the autumn, but if it is too long to wait, you can enjoy "behind the scenes" film clips and photos from the weekend on the Kongsvinger region's Instagram profile.

Join behind the scenes this dream weekend! See archived stories in the "dream weekend" folder directly above the news feed.

Competence recruitment and tourism go hand in hand

The Dream Weekend project is part of the reputation and competence recruitment program in the Kongsvinger region. If you as a guest have got a good impression of a place, the probability will naturally be greater that you actually consider moving to that place at a later date. Our goal with the dream weekend is precisely that, that Ine and Marcus should get a good impression, share it with their circle, and maybe even one day bring their expertise and consider moving "home" to the region, says development manager in the Kongsvinger region , Lars Gillund.
The Kongsvinger region would like to thank all the parties involved in Drømmehelga and look forward to the launch of the film this autumn.