The forest into the future will be held at Kongsvinger on 17 January 2023

The conference "The forest into the future" will be held at Kongsvinger on 17 January 2023. It focuses on how we can increase value creation and profitability in the Norwegian forest industry.


The conference draws up two main themes and will illuminate through business cases and debates:

1. How can circularity contribute to new opportunities and increased profitability.

2. How can large companies help the small ones to grow?


Among the speakers you will meet at the conference are:

• Head of Department Torbjørn Skogsrød at the Department of Product Production and Construction Engineering at NTNU whom we challenge as to whether it is possible to create circular solutions that contribute to increased profitability?

• CEO Arne Jebsen of Hunton Fiber who will talk about circularity as part of Hunton's business strategy.

• Head of department Ola Roald and project manager Jason Mrdeza in Ola Roald architects who will talk about SirkTre and the project SirkSkole which is a re-use of a new school in Bålsfjord municipality.

• Managing director Arild Øvergaard at Norsk Massivtre AS, who will talk about the use of reclaimed wood for solid wood production. The project is part of SirkTre.

• Head of HSE, environment and expertise in Ø.M. The Fjeld group Odd Anders Amdahl, who will talk about the MinTre research project and how better planning can lead to less waste of wood.

• Factory manager Forestia Espen Svenneby, who will talk about the status of the new reclaimed wood factory and what valuable products can be created from reclaimed wood.

• Biosorbe AB, which is a start-up company that has developed a bio-based absorbent that absorbs oil but is resistant to water.


Again this year, this is a conference in collaboration between the Swedish industry cluster Paper Province, Norwegian Wood Cluster, BioValley and Klosser Innovation. This means that there will be both Norwegian and Swedish business cases.