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Are you moving from the Kongsvinger region, or would you like to get to know the opportunities in this forward-looking region better? On 22 November, the Kongsvinger region invites you to an exciting and rich evening at Rebel in Universitetsgt. 2 (below St. Olavs Plass, entrance towards the main road) in Oslo.

Mingle with old and new acquaintances

The first 350 people who sign up get the opportunity to meet old and new acquaintances, get input from innovative companies and municipalities, and can enjoy food and drink.


Meet companies and municipalities with skills needs

Over 30 companies and 6 municipalities will be represented, and they will present and talk about the need for skills in the future, and why they want to meet exactly YOU this evening.


Possibility to "pre-match" CVs against companies/municipalities

New this time is that you have the option to upload your CV or attach a link to your LinkedIn profile when you sign up. We will then "match" your CV with the participating companies/municipalities, so that you can already have agreements with the relevant companies or municipalities in advance. The deadline to submit is November 15.

Program for the evening (updated continuously):

💚 16.30pm - Doors open

  • Food and drink vouchers are distributed, food is served at 16.30-18.30. The bar is open all evening
  • Meet exciting companies with broad skills needs
  • Mingling with old and new acquaintances

💚 Starting at. 17.30 - Get to know the companies and municipalities better - see overview above exciting "pitcher" from the stage

  • Ahus
  • Entrack
  • Glommasvingen school/Sør-Odal municipality
  • Grue Savings Bank
  • NHO Inlandet
  • Nordbohus
  • Industrial cluster 7 strong 
  • Inland Science Park
  • Kongsvinger
  • Odal Sparebank
  • SpareBank 1 Østlandet
  • Statistics Sweden (SSB)
  • Stereo Skis
  • Veflen/TPA
  • Western
  • Visit the Kongsvinger region
  • AB Economy
  • Ahus
  • Buffet, Grue
  • Entrack
  • Eskoleia AS
  • Fortress Hotel & Resort
  • Tile printing company
  • Glåmdalen
  • Grue Savings Bank
  • Guru Development/Guru IT
  • Indigo ICT
  • Industrial cluster 7 strong
  • Inland Science Park
  • KIL Top football
  • Klosser Innovasjon
  • The club AS
  • Kongsvingers Golf Club
  • Kvisle Manor
  • Mapei AS
  • The river Moel
  • Nordbohus
  • Odal Sparebank
  • Schütz Nordic AS
  • Center upper secondary school
  • SpareBank1 Eastern Norway
  • Statistics Norway (SSB)
  • Stereo Skis
  • Tett På Alt AS (TPA)
  • The waffle
  • Western
  • Visit the Kongsvinger region
  • Synchronous
  • ABOUT. Mountains
  • Øvrebyen high school
6 municipalities
💚 We look forward to #meets again and hope to see you!!!!!💚 😃 💚 The event is free and the age limit is 18.
Pssst! All registrants receive a food voucher and a drink voucher. 
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