Welcome to #insikt no. 4 at the University Center in Kongsvinger on March 29 at 11.00-12.30 – Topic: AI and ChatGPT

Welcome to #insikt no. 4 at the University Center in Kongsvinger on March 29 at 11.00-12.30 – Topic: AI and ChatGPT

How will artificial intelligence change the way we work and live? Which jobs will disappear and which new ones will be created? How can technology be used to make us more efficient already today?

In this month's #insight, we will try to provide some answers to these questions. We will exemplify this through the AI ​​tool ChatGPT.

Join us to talk about the opportunities and challenges we have Gustavo Mello, who is head of Oslo Met's AI lab and leads a research group in artificial intelligence at the same university. The lecture is in English.

In addition, the Skarnes company HomeIn will tell how they want to use artificial intelligence in their business to create better products to manage electricity consumption in homes and businesses.

PS: We have asked ChatGPT if it can explain what it is and why it is smart to attend a lecture that deals with the tool. This is the answer we got😊:

Chat GPT is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence to understand and generate human language. This technology has revolutionized the way we communicate online, enabling chatbots and virtual assistants that can communicate in a way that seems natural and human.

If you want to learn more about Chat GPT and how it can be used to improve your communication, you should definitely attend a talk on this topic. You will gain insight into how technology works, how it can be integrated into your business and how it can help you save time and money on customer service and other aspects of your business. Don't miss your chance to learn about this exciting technology and its potential!

#innsikt is a series of events for businesses and industries in the region and a collaboration between Klosser Innovation, the University Center, CREDS - Center for digitization and sustainability and 7sterke

Time: Wednesday 29 March at 11.00-12.30
Place: The university center in Kongsvinger, Strandvegen 3 (entrance from Markensvegen), 2212 Kongsvinger

The event is free and a simple lunch is served. Registration for jannicke@klosser.no



Invitation to an information meeting about new seasons of Forræder on March 9 at 10.30-11.30

As you are probably familiar with, the second season of the public success Traitor been recorded in the Kongsvinger region in the last two weeks. The series is broadcast on TV2 in prime time in the spring, and the production of Traitor has given us a unique opportunity to showcase the region. Season 2, which has been recorded now, has great photos from Kongsvinger, Eidskog and Sør-Odal and mentions the region in many different contexts.

We invite you to a mobilization meeting on 9 March at 10.30-11.30 followed by lunch (for those who wish), where they will be informed about upcoming plans for the series. The meeting is held at the University Center in Kongsvinger.

TV2 and the production company Fremantle are currently considering where future seasons will be recorded. The location for season 3 has already been decided. However, TV2 is considering another location for season 4 and the upcoming seasons after this. Through dialogue with the production company, it has been clarified that our region is highly relevant as a permanent location for Traitor. A recording outside Oslo will, however, entail a number of extra costs related to accommodation for production personnel, catering etc. This means that a recording at Kongsvinger will require the host city/region to contribute to covering this extra cost, through funding from municipalities and business. In return, we will have influence in relation to where it is filmed, and the production company is willing to use locations throughout our region.

In the information meeting, clips from the filming in the Kongsvinger region will be shown and information will be given about the plans for the coming seasons of Traitor. Representatives for the region will talk about how the series will be used as a tool to create increased interest in and more visitors to the region. In addition, we want to establish a dialogue between the business world and public actors, about how together we can contribute to the Kongsvinger region becoming a location for future seasons of Traitor.

Registration by email to: jannicke@klosser.no We hope you have the opportunity to join the meeting — WELCOME!


(Photo: TV2, Jan-Petter Dahl)

Join the information meeting on possible support schemes within sustainability and R&D on 30 March

Welcome to the information meeting about support schemes for research and development projects for companies in the Kongsvinger region. At the meeting, representatives from the Research Council of Norway and Innlandet County Council will focus on support schemes aimed at projects in the early phase and SkatteFUNN.

Come and get information about current support schemes, criteria for applying and inspiration from project examples and companies that have run the race before. It will also be possible to book one-to-one meetings for guidance with the actors after the seminar. After the meeting, the Research Council of Norway will also hold a course in SkatteFUNN for interested companies.


10.00 – 10.40 Research, development and innovation in business: What, why and how? Green future Inland, FORREGION.

10.40 – 11.30 Round the table/room about project ideas, questions and answers, possibility of one-to-one meetings.

11.30 – 12.00 Lunch.

12.00 – 13.00 SkatteFUNN course for those who want it.

Read more and sign up via the link here: https://bit.ly/3xlkHwz

#treffes AfterWork on Thursday 23 February at Schøyens Grill & Bar

Are you a new mover, a student, a mover, a permanent resident for many years or simply just want to #meets, then we hope to see you Schøyens Grill & bar Thursday 23 February. Representatives from the Kongsvinger region are present from 16.30:XNUMX p.m.

The remaining dates this spring are: Thursday 23 March, Thursday 20 April, Thursday 25 May and Thursday 22 June. So then it's just a matter of reserving dates in the future.

WELCOME - we look forward to seeing you!

Place: Fjellgt. 1 B, 2212 Kongsvinger

Join the establishment course in the Kongsvinger region starting on 7 March.

The course takes you through an establishment journey that leads to a completed business plan. The last evening of the course is a presentation/pitch where a panel (2-3 people) gets to hear about your idea and how to succeed with it. All participants who complete the course receive a course certificate.

Course dates:

Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday, March 28

Tuesday, April 11: pitch

All course evenings at 18-21, and the courses are held at Klosser Innovation in Markensvegen 1 (2nd floor) on Kongsvinger. Registration deadline: pending

We will offer all course participants an extra teaching evening with a focus on accounting and finance. We will agree this date with the course participants during the course.

The price for the course is NOK 1100, which will be invoiced after the first evening of the course.

Registration via the link here.

The forest into the future will be held at Kongsvinger on 17 January 2023

The conference "The forest into the future" will be held at Kongsvinger on 17 January 2023. It focuses on how we can increase value creation and profitability in the Norwegian forest industry.


The conference draws up two main themes and will illuminate through business cases and debates:

1. How can circularity contribute to new opportunities and increased profitability.

2. How can large companies help the small ones to grow?


Among the speakers you will meet at the conference are:

• Head of Department Torbjørn Skogsrød at the Department of Product Production and Construction Engineering at NTNU whom we challenge as to whether it is possible to create circular solutions that contribute to increased profitability?

• CEO Arne Jebsen of Hunton Fiber who will talk about circularity as part of Hunton's business strategy.

• Head of department Ola Roald and project manager Jason Mrdeza in Ola Roald architects who will talk about SirkTre and the project SirkSkole which is a re-use of a new school in Bålsfjord municipality.

• Managing director Arild Øvergaard at Norsk Massivtre AS, who will talk about the use of reclaimed wood for solid wood production. The project is part of SirkTre.

• Head of HSE, environment and expertise in Ø.M. The Fjeld group Odd Anders Amdahl, who will talk about the MinTre research project and how better planning can lead to less waste of wood.

• Factory manager Forestia Espen Svenneby, who will talk about the status of the new reclaimed wood factory and what valuable products can be created from reclaimed wood.

• Biosorbe AB, which is a start-up company that has developed a bio-based absorbent that absorbs oil but is resistant to water.


Again this year, this is a conference in collaboration between the Swedish industry cluster Paper Province, Norwegian Wood Cluster, BioValley and Klosser Innovation. This means that there will be both Norwegian and Swedish business cases.

7sterkes Industriforum is organized on 3 November

The world and our surroundings are changing, and we must change accordingly. With the theme "CHANGE" as a backdrop, 7sterke and SpareBank 1 Østlandet welcome you to an inspiring day with many exciting posts.

Also join Industripub immediately after Industriforum. There will be an opportunity to socialize more and have something to eat and drink. There will also be entertainment by Lill Hege Åseng with a pianist.

7sterke updates the agenda and presents today's speakers with pictures and background information continuously, so follow the link here. 

Place:  Central secondary school, Rådhusplassen 7, 2212 Kongsvinger
Time: Thursday 3 November at 11.30-18.00 (lunch and registration at 10.30-11.30) followed by a pub at Manis.
Price: NOK NOK 990 for members, other NOK. NOK 1.250. Industrial pub: NOK NOK 300 (incl. food, drinks and entertainment)
Registration deadline: As soon as possible, but no later than 25 October

Register and read more here.