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Kongsvinger region

Establish or further develop your business?

The Kongsvinger region wants growth - therefore the municipalities assist companies and founders who need help quickly and efficiently. 

"We needed new premises for our production, we found this with the help of Klosser Innovation and landlord Kongevegen 88 AS. We received help with adaptations of premises, establishment of a production line, access to local workers and good help from Innovation Norway and Kongsvinger municipality in the form of support."

Bernt Rognlien,
General manager, Bjørkes Kjemi AS

This is how we can help you

Do you want to start your own business? Do you have a growth idea for your business? Do you have an idea you would like to test? Are you going to take over a farm? Do you need a network and someone to discuss with?

Through Klosser Innovasjon og Sør-Hedmark Industrial Park Kongsvingerregionen offers assistance for those who want to establish a business or further develop existing ones. We have extensive experience in consulting when establishing new businesses. We work closely together and find the competence that is important for your company.

Contact persons

Eid forest

Borge Nordfjeld
E-mail:Click here
Phone: +454 82 922 XNUMX


Haakon hides
E-mail: Click here
Telephone: 62 94 20 55


Stian Gulli Hanssen
E-mail:Click here
Phone: +905 72 748 XNUMX

Northern Odal

Ellisiv Hovig
E-mail:Click here
Phone: +907 90 128 XNUMX

South Odal

Tove Gulbrandsen
E-mail:Click here
Phone: +926 15 251 XNUMX


Eli Grøntoft Dybdahl
E-mail:Click here
Phone: +915 55 293 XNUMX

Close follow-up - as an incubator or target company

Klosser Innovation can offer a 2-year «Incubator program» to both existing and new companies. Through the program you get access to professional business developers, capital and networks. We have particularly good expertise within industry. Contact Werner Melby in Klosser Innovation for information and assessment of the idea in relation to incubation. Sør-Hedmark Industrial Park (located at Magnor, Flisa and Skarnes) offers support to business owners in their premises through the target company program. As a target company, you work purposefully with business development over time, together with the business park. The focus will be on value creation for the individual company, by further developing the business environment, network and profile.

Contact your nearest business park to hear more about how your company can become a target company.

Financing opportunities

There are various grant and loan schemes for start-ups and developing companies. All municipalities in the region have their own business funds which are accessible via The Seed Fund First: Seed in Hedmark has been established by the Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark and Hedmark County Municipality. The fund has a capital of NOK 100 million and is one of the largest regional seed funds in the country. The local banks are Grue Sparebank, Odal Sparebank, Sparebank 1 Østlandet and DNB. Innovation Norway has a number of grant and loan schemes. On you will find an overview of many support schemes.

Klosser Innovasjon and business center can assist with applications to various financial institutions.

Are you considering establishing your company in the Kongsvinger region?

Klosser innovasjon can provide quick answers to your company's questions and issues. Their business developers involve the right people and have an overview of everything from business areas to the market situation. They work closely with political and administrative leadership throughout the region. 

How can we assist?
Contact business developer Ola Boisen or Stian Gulli Hanssen for more information about the possibilities for establishing your business or relocating to the Kongsvinger region.