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Kongsvinger region

Moving to the Kongsvinger region

The Kongsvinger region wants to make it easy for you to move here. Below, we have gathered various information that may be relevant in your process. The text at the bottom is aimed at those who wants to move to the region from other countries. Do you want an overview of more options? Please contact us.

Why the Kongsvinger region?

The Kongsvinger region is located about one hour from Oslo and from the rest of the world. Kongsvinger is a proud fortress town with a modern and compact center. Kongsvinger has a university hospital, a research and college environment and one of Europe's best golf courses. The entire region consists of 6 municipalities, where modern industry and agriculture are important industries. The region can offer a safe upbringing environment and varied cultural and leisure activities for both children and adults. More information can be found at Why the Kongsvinger region?

Property for sale

The Kongsvinger region offers a selection of used homes for sale. The price of second-hand homes is from 1/2 to 1/3 of the prices in central Oslo. There are also many opportunities if you wish to rent a house . If you want to build a new house, we have an overview of vacant plots. If you do not find what you are looking for, just ask us!

Jobs in the Kongsvinger region

The region has a varied labor market, with exciting jobs in industry, sales / service and the public sector. The region needs both skilled workers and people with doctoral degrees. Vacancies can be found on the website Available jobs

Location and distances

The Kongsvinger region is part of the Oslo region. Sør-Odal, which is closest to the municipality, is 7 km from Oslo, 4 km from Norway's main airport at Gardermoen. More information about location and public transport can be found on the website Location and public transport

Culture, leisure activities, sports teams

Kongsvinger and the region have a wealth of leisure activities for both children and adults. You will find everything from top quality dance training, Norway's best golf course, beautiful skate parks and all kinds of sports teams and associations. The Kongsvinger region can offer a rich cultural life, where you can both be a participant and experience high quality culture. In addition, the region has many nice cafes and restaurants. An overview of various cultural activities can be found here

Hiking opportunities and experiences

For nature lovers, the Kongsvinger region is an eldorado. Hiking on forest trails along water, mountain biking, canoeing and hunting / fishing are some of the activities the region can offer. On the website Your natural holiday paradise - Visit the Kongsvinger region you will find everything you need for experiencing the Kongsvinger region!

New in Norway

The official website New in Norway has practical information for starting a new life in Norway. It covers topics such as moving to Norway, children and schools, health, transport, work and leisure activities.

Work in Norway

Tje website Work in Norway is aimed at migrant workers and companies in Norway. It contains advice and links to relevant services from several public agencies, such as NAV, the Tax Agency, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and the Police.

Studying in Norway

Tje website Study in norway contains a lot of useful information for foreign students who want to study in Norway.