From challenge to joint power strategy

From challenge to joint power strategy

The municipalities in the Kongsvinger region are working together to create a power strategy that helps us understand the need for energy and manage development so that we ensure a region that is good to live in. To do this, we must work holistically and based on knowledge. 

On 26 January 2024, Klosser Innovation presented the report "The power situation in the Kongsvinger region" for the councils in Eidskog, Grue, Kongsvinger, Nord-Odal, Sør-Odal and Åsnes.  

To gain more knowledge about the different challenges and opportunities, subject experts with backgrounds in solar energy, wind power, nuclear power, hydropower and power grids had their own presentations, as well as a panel discussion with questions from the audience.  

It became clear that we are faced with a trilemma: We want good access to power, low electricity prices and as little interference with Norwegian nature as possible.  

It is in this landscape that we must find broad, unifying solutions where we recognize that we must build out more grids and increase the production of green energy, while at the same time realizing that there are power development projects that we must leave behind - because the costs in the form of natural interventions become too large. 


With this as a backdrop, the chairmen were invited to discuss three issues in connection with the power challenge: 
  • What is the power challenge for the industry? 
  • What is the power challenge for the region? 
  • Where can we look for solutions? Give examples. 

The results from the discussions were used to create a project description and issue for a collaborative process that will lead to a joint power strategy for the Kongsvinger region. 


The power challenge  

In order to create a Kongsvinger region that is good to live in, for a variety of people, for many generations, we must meet the changes in power demand within nature's tolerance limit. 

A safe life is a good life. Robust workplaces, a solid knowledge environment and an industry that plays along with the green shift must be the foundation for our region. 

What opportunities arise when we have to ensure good access to power for industry, low electricity prices for people and as little interference with nature as possible? 


Good access to power 

Lack of power will lead to more expensive electricity and less industry. We must ensure fossil-free energy production and a robust power grid. 

Gray areas
Do we have areas that have already been developed, or that have a low impact on nature, that can be used for energy production? 

Energy mix
What is the optimal composition of sources for energy production in our region? 

Capacity in the network
The municipalities do not build grids, how can we highlight the region's great need for power for development and preparedness? 


Sensible consumption 

We will never build enough power, we must also think smart about reducing consumption and utilizing the flexibility of the network. 

The consequence of the green shift is the electrification of vehicles, construction machinery and industry. How do we facilitate this? 

Local energy cooperation
How can we create incentives for new and established industries to utilize each other's resources, adopt new technology and produce their own electricity? 

Reduce consumption
Agriculture and residents account for the largest consumption in our region. How can we help and reward residents who manage to reduce their electricity consumption? 

From many municipalities to one region -


Collaboration for value creation  

In order to meet our ambition for value creation, we need new ways of organizing cooperation, a common target image and a clear direction for the future. 

Joint power strategy
With common language and goals, can we unite the municipalities behind one strategy for power development and utilization? 

Simplify processes
Can we collaborate more closely with industry and energy producers to create an attractive investment climate for new businesses? 

Fair distribution of values
How can we ensure that the municipalities that destroy nature get a share of the value creation today - and in the future? 


What is a power strategy? 

En power strategy helps us understand the need for energy and manage development so that we ensure a region that is good to live in.  

In order to create a good strategy, we must work together, based on a good understanding of today's challenges, a common target picture of where we want to be in the future and a clear process that helps us identify measures and prioritize these to get us there.  

Process for collaboration 

Our definition of strategy is the starting point for a process that is carried out over three workshops, with a resource group consisting of participants from each municipality, as well as representatives from nature and the environment, outdoor life, research, energy, power grids, industry and infrastructure. 

The aim is for the strategy to be a knowledge-based decision-making basis for each municipality in the region. The resource group consists of participants who have been recruited because of their specialist expertise in important fields that can help us debunk myths, challenge established truths and really orient the discussions. 

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