Coordinated support for the business community

The government has now presented a compensation scheme for companies affected by the corona crisis. Through the package, companies get a large part of their losses covered. An application portal for the companies will be up and running from 17 April.

Contact the business development apparatus in the Kongsvinger region if you need advice on the new scheme or have other needs for support in the Korona crisis. See contact information for the help desk here. NAV will assist those who have questions about redundancies and labor.

Read more about the government's concrete proposals:

  • Initial payments should be made as soon as possible. An application portal for the companies will be up and running from 17 April.
  • The scheme will initially apply to March, April and May.
  • The scheme is based on the enterprises' self-reported figures for turnover in March 2020 and 2019. If the company was not in business in March 2019, an average is used for January and February 2020. The companies must also report fixed expenses.
  • The company must have a fall in turnover of 30 per cent or more (20 per cent or more for March) from the same month last year to be included in the scheme.
  • Companies that are closed down by the state are not charged a deductible. Other companies receive a deductible of NOK 10.000 each month.
  • A two-part model is proposed for calculating compensation.
    • Enterprises that are required to close down by the state will have up to 90% of their unavoidable fixed costs covered per month. Calculated as follows: Reduction in turnover x unavoidable fixed costs x adjustment factor of 90%
    • Companies that are not required to close, but still experience a reduction in turnover of 30% or more (20% in March), will receive compensation calculated as follows: Reduction in turnover x (unavoidable fixed costs - deductible of NOK 10) x adjustment factor of 000%

Read more about the compensation scheme at–omsetningsfall-kan-fa-kompensasjon/id2696396/

The Storting will consider the measures during the Easter week.

Calculate what your company will get back through the compensation scheme (EXCEL_FILE)


Coordinated support for the business community

The municipalities in the Kongsvinger region coordinate their business resources so that they can, as far as possible, support a business community in crisis.

Companies that want information about support schemes or advice and guidance related to support schemes or other issues they are asked to contact the 1st line in the municipalities, Klosser Innovation or the business parks.

Both the front line, Klosser Innovation and the business parks also work closely with Innovation Norway, the banks, NAV and the county municipality to ensure good information and a smooth handling of demanding cases.

In addition to the state, the county municipality has prepared a package of measures in which they strengthen the innovation apparatus in the county so that they are to a greater extent able to assist the regional business community. These are treated politically during the Easter week.


Contact information for information and support:


First line municipalities

Steinar Grønnerud

Haakon Gjems, business manager

Stian Gulli Hanssen,
business developer Klosser Innovation

Eva Snare,
business manager

Tove Guldbrandsen,
adviser Sør-Hedmark Næringshage

Anette Strand Sletmoen,
advises Solør Næringshage


Klosser Innovasjon

Kjersti Wangen, general manager


Sør-Hedmark Industrial Park

Borge Nordfjell, general manager


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