Invitation to webinar on circular economy in the construction industry

Circle Economy in collaboration with Circular Norway invites to a regional webinar on opportunities in circular economy on 5 May at 10.00-12.00 or 7 May at 14.00 -16.00.

As you may know, the Kongsvinger Region is currently conducting a study of the possibilities for circular economy ("Circle Scan Kongsvinger Region"). The aim of the study is to contribute to the development of a regional vision for the circular economy, preferably within the construction industry since this industry represents an important part of value creation in the region. However, a vision is not enough, the goal is also that several of the players in the industry want to be involved in exciting, circular pilot projects.

Right now (in phase 3 of the study) we are working specifically to transform circular strategies into specific pilot projects. In this connection, we want to involve more representatives of the players in the entire construction industry's value chain.

Do you think that this can be interesting for you and your company, you are welcome to participate in one webinar on the topic (this is due to the uncertainty surrounding the corona situation). Here, the Amsterdam-based Circle Economy will present the most important findings from phases 1 and 2 of the study. Then we take a closer look at different strategies: 1) Increased use of secondary materials, 2) Shortening the value chain and 3) Capacity building and training.

We need you as a contributor to:

  • Gain further knowledge about the industry.
  • Get help to concretize measures that have implementation potential (regional adaptation, feasibility, etc.)
  • Define what / who is needed to implement.
  • Involve you / your company as a possible player in future pilot projects.

We understand the demanding situation some companies are in during the day, and will therefore emphasize that participation does not involve any financial obligations. On the other hand, you get ideas for new circular business opportunities and sustainable competitive advantages, at the same time as we gain valuable industry insight!

We hope du has the opportunity to participate, either May 5 at. 10.00-12.00 or 7 May at 14.00 -16.00.
Registration here.

On behalf of the project group,

Jordi Pascual, Circle Economy, Sofie Pindsle, Circular Norway, Eva Snare, Nord-Odal Municipality, Anne Huse, Regional Council of the Kongsvinger Region and Knut Hvithammer, Regional Council of the Kongsvinger Region

Read more about phases 1 and 2

Minutes from phase 1 (Mapping of the construction industry and knowledge of circular economy) are available here.

In phase 2, Circular Norway together with Circle Economy has spent a lot of time collecting data from Eurostat, Statistics Norway and industry organizations as a basis for a material flow analysis of the construction industry (based on 2018 figures). The material flow analysis is also a possibility mapping. Visually, the metabolism (consumption, processing and life cycle) is presented for resources divided into private homes, purpose-built buildings and infrastructure. In parallel, we have also collected data to get an overview of the building stock in the region. Based on these datasets, we have identified seven circular strategies. We have prioritized three of them. Within each strategy, there is potential for developing circular pilot projects. Read more about phase 2 here.

The project is financed with discretionary funds from the county governor of the Inland, and coincides with the Inland's investment in bioeconomy (including circular economy).

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