Kongsirk - inter-municipal re-use market

Circular economy is a green engine of change and a recognized and effective tool for achieving the goals of, among other things, the Paris Agreement and the UN's sustainability goals. The goal of circular economy is to utilize the resources from the earth in the best possible way. This means that we, among other things, keep raw materials and materials in the cycle through reuse and recycling.

The Kongsvinger region (Nord-Odal municipality as host municipality), has received discretionary funds from the County Governor of Innlandet for "Circular economy as a green engine of change". This is a further extension of the project "Circle Scan Kongsvinger Region" which was completed in 2020. "Circular economy as a green engine of change" consists of the establishment of three circular pilot projects in the public sector. Kongsirk is one of these pilot projects.

Kongsirk is an ambitious rebuilding project for the region's municipalities and intermunicipal companies. Through the project, an inter-municipal re-use market will be established to sell furniture and other equipment using the digital recycling platform Loopfront. Kongsirk will be Norway's first inter-municipal redevelopment project for the sale of furniture and fixtures!

The main goal of the project is;

"Achieving climate benefits as well as financial savings through better and longer utilization of furniture and other fixtures"

The project will ensure a conversion to reuse rather than throwing away furniture and fixtures, so that the amount of waste is reduced, furniture and fixtures have a longer lifespan, and demand is turned towards repairs rather than new purchases. In the long run, this will lead to many positive effects for the municipalities and the intermunicipal companies in the region, such as reductions in the municipalities' waste volumes, reduced emissions of CO2equivalents and financial savings.

The project is now in a start-up phase, and more information about the project will therefore come continuously.


The leader of the project is Hanne Lundberg Hogseth

E-mail: hanne.hogseth@inn.no

Phone: 480 45 796

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