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"Everyone" working from home means busy days for Hedmark ICT

Employees in Hedmark ICT does a formidable job of ensuring that systems work properly as most of us rely on homeschooling and agile home office solutions. Petter Berg, the company's information and training consultant, asks us to turn off the "troll" and have folk customs on the internet, especially in this time where many are sitting by themselves.

Name: Petter Berg
Workplace: Hedmark ICT
Job title: Information and Training Advisor

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Questions for you who keep the wheels going

What kind of skills / education is required in your job?
General competence in ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Competence in communication at the college level is an advantage, but personal suitability is most important.

What are your core tasks?

Produce and assist with the production of training materials, and facilitate a good flow of information between Hedmark ICT and the owner municipalities.
How has your workday been in recent weeks compared to normal conditions. Give a brief explanation of what a "normal" day looks like in these corona times?
In recent weeks, it has taken many hours to create training materials for use by, among others, Microsoft Teams. Then it is an advantage to have a home office, because then you avoid interference.
Why is your job important and how do you / your company contribute to keeping society going?

Now that students are dependent on homeschooling and many are sitting in the home office, it is very important that all systems work properly. Hedmark ICT works around the clock to ensure that the systems are kept running. The capacity of the systems is exploding all over the world, which leads to problems for the end user, here it is important that we assist with what we can for them to get through everyday life. Many people are now using several of these systems for the first time, and perhaps a little differently than they are used to. It is therefore important that we can assist with guidance, so that you can complete your job in the best possible way.

Do you have any professional tips or advice that people should follow in these times?
Follow the advice the health authority asks us to follow! This is more important than ever. In addition to this, I would recommend you to behave nicely on the internet. More people are isolated than ever, and the only relationship many now have with the outside world is via social platforms. Turning off the "troll" and having folk customs on the internet is therefore important.
What would you say to others who are considering your career?
Go for it! Communication is more important than ever, and is a competence that is needed in all companies / organizations.
What is the best thing about working / living in the Kongsvinger region?
I live in the middle of the woods, where it is quiet and peaceful, while I have a relatively short way to the center. Here I get the best from city and country!

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