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From print to innovative communication

Did you know that the country's perhaps the most forward-looking printing house is located on Flisa? With sister companies have Tile Printing now as many as 58 employees. This makes them the largest player in graphic services between Oslo and Trondheim.

The local local business almost broke its back in 2001. But the gang at Flisa managed the transition from the brutal collapse of the printing industry to a creative and innovative company. It is about managing the traditions of managing with simple resources, at the same time as the development goes just fast enough so that accuracy and innovation can go hand in hand.

Company:  Tile Printing
Locality: Kaffegata, Flisa
Specialization: Graphic services, printed matter, large format and 3D printing

Instagram: @flisatrykkeri or #itteakkuraturbant

Creative design: General manager Per-Otto Sletten (left) in Flisa Trykkeri has built up a creative and healthy company at Flisa. Here with Cato Hansen, who is responsible for the 3D investment in the company.

The latest resilient investment in which the Solør company has received its first deliveries is 3D printing. That is, machines that can shape different figures and objects in different materials. One can make embarrassingly accurate and realistic models of houses, bridges and almost anything. The new initiative also draws knowledge from other parts of the country and to the region.

- It was celebrities who tipped me off about a job here at Flisa. Here I can use my education and take part in a journey that has just begun. I have taken a master's degree in character animation and game design in Bergen and England. This company sees opportunities and dares to invest in new things, says Cato Hansen.

Finnmarkingen moved far, and thrives after only five months in a new job. Flisa Trykkeri recruits a lot regionally, but when exciting competent people want to move, they are on the notes.

- Now we mostly use plaster as a material. I am allowed to try and fail and test different cases. So far, it seems that architecture works very well with 3D models of buildings and areas. It is very nice to see 3D on a screen, but even nicer to see models that are very realistic and can be made in different scales, Hansen says.

"It's just urban"

- We have secured many good customers and contracts. In fact, as much as 60 out of NOK 65 million is delivered to customers quite far from Flisa. But the employees here work so well together and are so skilled that we are very competitive, smiles general manager and shareholder Per-Otto Sletten.

Although the employees at Flisa Trykkeri have both accuracy, humor and low shoulders as a guideline in everyday work, the customer list testifies to recognition in large companies nationally. In their own profiling and self-talk, they use the slogan "not exactly urban" both look and often.
Fornebubanen and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority are some of the new major customers. The company delivers communication in a broad sense, and has about 600 shopping customers annually. Per-Otto Sletten and his colleagues are based on the traditional printing industry, which has fallen by almost 90 percent. It goes without saying that the restructuring, creativity and modernization is great.

- The recipe is generally skilled employees, who give customers good deliveries, which in turn creates well-being and further development of the company, he says.

Finds market opportunities

Flisa Trykkeri has the opportunity to invest in 3D printing thanks to other profitable business areas. People are constantly looking for new market opportunities within the area of ​​competence of the employees, and are also not anxious to learn anything new. Sletten believes it is important to never stand still, but to move forward and ensure continuous development.

- We are critical of our own achievements, and very quality-conscious, he says.

Warehousing and logistics have also become a large and important business area. The old premises after the Nordan window factory with a total of 13.000 square meters were bought and converted into a building that handles modern warehousing and logistics. Many customers have their online store and website built, while warehousing, order handling, packing and shipping are done by Sletten's women and men.

Printing of brochures in particular, but also a lot of other things, is still an important business area. Here it is hard work that counts for success. Flisa Trykkeri has several legs to stand on, and dares to invest in new machines and technology to achieve its innovation goals.

- We can fix everything for a trade fair, we make annual reports, foiling, illustrations, websites and much much more, says Per-Otto Sletten.

No limits: There are almost no limits to what you can make 3D prints from. For customers, such models become a lifelike impression of a much larger product or building.
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Facts about Flisa Trykkeri:
  • 65 million in annual turnover
  • 35 employees
  • Vision: We will make the customer smile!
  • Core business: Creative graphic design and printing solutions based on good advice. Warehouse and logistics services.
  • Market: Eastern Norway
Text and photo: Svein A. Halvorsen

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