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New generation bank with new generation of employees

Grue Sparebank is facing a major generational change in the next few years. At the same time, the average customer is getting younger and using more and more of the bank's products and services. The bank acquires competent young employees.

It is about knowing the local market and the people who live and work in the region. At Grue Sparebank, employees work consciously to help their customers with a good plan for the economy. The whole is important, and it includes loans, insurance, savings and pensions.

- Those who use us on the most products are our most satisfied customers, and it is the advisers who make the difference between the various banks the customers can choose from, says marketing manager Erik Brinch Lund.

Company: Grue Sparebank
Place: Kirkenær, Flisa and Elverum 
Employees: 28

Digital media
Facebook: @GrueSparebank
Instagram: gruesparebank
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Marketing manager Erik Brinch Lund (center) and Grue Sparebank recruit young adults such as Lars Henrik Skulstad (left) and Peter Hansen to meet the new and younger customers of the future.
Great generational change

Grue Sparebank is facing a major generational change in the bank in the next few years. In addition, a new branch office was established in Elverum in October to strengthen the position and new customers for the future. The ambition is to grow, at the same time as the bank works purposefully to get younger customers. The marketing manager says that as a local bank it is good to belong to a larger cooperating system with other local banks - through Eika.

- If we go back five years, our largest customer groups were older customers. These customers are still very important to us, but in recent years we have deliberately worked hard towards the younger customers in the young adults category, he says.

The average age also decreases among employees. The 28 employees with broad knowledge and long experience ensure sound relationships in the local community. But younger new employees have their network of younger people, who are desired customers in the bank. In Grue Sparebank much is of course done online, but for more complex or important questions the customer advisers can meet the customers face to face. This is one of the local bank's great advantages.

The advisers of the future

Grue Sparebank has a conscious relationship with the way they recruit new advisers. Authorization and breadth advice are the most important factors, but at the same time they also hire insurance specialists.

"The most important thing for us is the person and the attitude. If you do not have an authorization from before, we can offer the learning course with us. In the current competitive situation, which is getting worse, having competent employees is an important advantage. We employ employees of all ages, but at the same time we see that the average age of employees is declining. ”

27-year-old Lars Henrik Skulstad from Kirkenær was very happy when he got a job at the local bank after completing his BI education. He is authorized as an insurance adviser and completes a race against full authorization as a financial adviser. He makes good use of his education and knowledge to help customers find the best solutions that suit the customer's life situation.

- Now I have worked here at Kirkenær for almost two years, mostly with insurance. It was great to get a job here in the region, he says with a smile.

Peter Hansen is 36 years old, and joined Grue Sparebank three years ago. Hansen had banking experience from before. Now he is an authorized customer advisor, a job he enjoys.

- On a daily basis, I talk a lot with customers and work mostly with loans and savings. As a breadth advisor, I see a great advantage in knowing the local market. I am from Hof ​​and now thrive here at Kirkenær. We have a goal of increasing the number of customers in my age group, he says.

Agriculture and industry

Grue Sparebank was established as early as 1862. The total assets today are around NOK 4 billion in the independent bank, which emphasizes comprehensive financial advice.

But primary industries and local companies are also important customers for Grue Sparebank. For companies, it is at least as important as for private customers that the advisers know the local environment and local business. There are annual reviews of the company's finances, and in addition concrete measures that can contribute to growth, development and increased profitability.

- Both agriculture and forestry are important for our region, and thus also for the bank, emphasizes marketing manager Erik Brinch Lund. 

By continuously feeling the pulse of the local market and the region, the bank gets quite close to those who live and work in the local community. Brinch Lund also says that Grue Sparebank has never measured such high customer satisfaction as now.

- We have recently moved from expedition to proactivity. Here with us, it is very important with active customer care and customer care. By meeting our customers and talking to them, mutual trust and understanding is created, he concludes. 

Facts Grue Sparebank
  • Established in 1862, and started banking in 1863.
  • Office location at Kirkenær in Grue municipality, Flisa in Åsnes municipality and Elverum in Elverum municipality. In October, the bank will establish an office in Elverum.
  • The bank has 28 employees.
  • Total assets are currently approx. 4 billion.
  • Grue Sparebank is an independent and local bank that emphasizes comprehensive financial advice for our customers combined with good digital solutions within banking and insurance for the retail market, primary industries and local companies.
  • Grue Sparebank is a co-owner of Eika Gruppen and Eika Boligkreditt A
Text and photo: Svein A. Halvorsen

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