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Mapei AS maintains normal operations despite extensive infection control measures.

Atle Sæther Løvaas now works as an operations manager for imposed infection control, and says that all employees in the company contribute to keeping the wheels in motion. The industrial giant has introduced a number of infection control measures in recent weeks, which has resulted in daily routines being turned upside down. Nevertheless, Mapei AS is able to maintain "normal" operations.

Name: Atle Sæther Løvaas
Workplace: Mapei AS
Job title: Laborant. In addition, I am deputy manager / task manager in our required industrial protection.
Education: Professional laboratory worker

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Questions for you who keep the wheels going

What kind of skills / education is required in your job?
Certificate in laboratory subject, or other relevant practice. In relation to industrial protection, everyone must have sufficient courses in industrial protection, as well as carry out several annual exercises, and theoretical updating / repetition.
Explain what makes your workplace play an important role especially these days.
We produce a wide range of chemical products for the construction industry. This results in the authority categorizing us as a major accident company, and in turn imposes a contingency on the company in the form of robust industrial protection. We maintain "normal" operation even in these corona times. Therefore, my function in industrial protection is important to ensure the internal preparedness of the company.
How has your workday been in recent weeks compared to normal conditions?
The company has proactively, in consultation with the public health authorities, the occupational health service and the municipality's recommendations, implemented a number of infection control measures. Everyone in the business is affected to some degree. Daily routines have been turned upside down a bit. Nevertheless, we adapt quite well, and the work tasks are done. Takes just a little longer.
What typical questions do you have to answer / What do you have to help with?
Since I am part of the company's newly established "emergency preparedness group" in connection with. corona, I get some practical questions about the company's infection control measures.
Can you tell us about a situation that has given you a good feeling?
I think the commitment from all employees, and the willingness to contribute to the "volunteer" is admirable. Everyone wants to keep the wheels of the business running.
Do you have any tips / advice that you think people should follow in these times?
Take the recommendations from the authorities seriously! Do your utmost to avoid infection, and to infect others.
What would you say to others who are considering your career?
Is just to enjoy.
What is the best thing about working / living in the Kongsvinger region?
The population density is not too great, a short way to central areas, and nature accessible right outside the front door.

See why Atle enjoys working in Mapei in the film that is on Insta og Facebook.

Would you like to read more about the infection control measures Mapei has introduced in connection with the Koronavirus outbreak? Read the case here (in Danish).

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