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Talk to the children about infection control on their terms

Educational leader in Ullern Kindergarten, Sandra Børresen, is happy that more children are back in kindergarten. Strict cleaning routines and new organization do not prevent the kindergarten from having good conversations with the children and spreading joy to the local community in a slightly different way.

Name: Sandra Børresen
Workplace: Ullern kindergarten SA
Job title: Educational leader / assistant general manager

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Questions for you who keep the wheels going

What kind of skills / education is required in your job?
3 years of college education - Kindergarten teacher.

What are your core tasks?

I work in a large children's ward with 23 children aged 4-6 years. In consultation with my employees, I am responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the pedagogical plan and facilitating good days for young and old. In addition, I work as an assistant general manager. I am responsible for the kindergarten's HSE work, am a safety representative and contribute with various administrative tasks.
How has your workday been in recent weeks compared to normal conditions. Give a brief explanation of what a "normal" day looks like in these corona times?
After the kindergarten reopened, we have followed the national infection control guide for kindergartens. We have divided the department into smaller groups, so-called cohorts, with one adult and a maximum of six children. These groups play together in limited areas in the outdoor and indoor area, but we can collaborate somewhat with another cohort for practical implementation of the day. We have intensified cleaning in the kindergarten and sign lists to document hand washing and surface washing. We talk to the children about infection control and why the kindergarten has changed. We are keen to talk about it on the children's terms and answer any questions that may arise. Some children think we need to hide from Korona who can come and take us, so we have an important job to provide clear information and explain what is wise to do.
Why is your job important and how do you / your company contribute to keeping society going?
There were many parents who experienced radical changes both at home and at work when the kindergartens and schools were closed almost overnight. We thought it was very good that we have been allowed to open the kindergarten again for all children, because there has been a lot of longing.
Do you have any professional tips or advice that people should follow in these times?
It is very important to follow infection control measures so that we avoid children and employees becoming infected. It can be challenging to juggle between providing a good educational offer and maintaining friendships between the children across cohorts on the one hand, and following infection control measures on the other. Good routines, good collaboration with colleagues and lowered shoulders are important factors that can create good days for both small and large.
What would you say to others who are considering your career?
Yes! Apply for a kindergarten teacher! There are few other professions that give you so many hugs, joy and the feeling of a meaningful everyday life.
What is the best thing about working / living in the Kongsvinger region?
In these corona times, I think many people have opened their eyes to how good it is to have the forest right outside the door and plenty of space around it. The Kongssvinger region has everything you need, and even more!

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