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Statistics are especially important in unusual times

Statistics Norway usually updates statistics on Norwegian society, economic trends and prospects in the Norwegian economy. These days, the agency is also updating statistics on how measures against the coronavirus affect Norwegian society. Annette Grasmo Bergman works as a consultant at Statistics Norway Kongsvinger and usually commutes weekly to work. These days she is working from home in Horten. Get an insight into her new workday and find out where she and her family plan to move in the autumn.

Name: Annette Grasmo Bergman
Workplace: Statistics Norway
Job title: Advisor, Department of Communication and User Contact, Section for User Contact

Questions for you who keep the wheels going

What kind of skills / education is required in your job?
I myself have a bachelor's degree in Nordic and English language and literature. Our new employees in the section have a bachelor's or master's degree in political science or sociology.

What are your core tasks?

I am responsible for Statistics Norway's Information Service. In addition, I wash and proofread report pages and information letters that we send to those who will respond to our surveys.
How has your workday been in recent weeks compared to normal conditions. Give a brief explanation of what a "normal" day looks like in these corona times?
Like many others, we abruptly moved to our home office on March 12. Our most important communication tool is Microsoft Teams. We start the day with a video meeting on Teams and keep in touch throughout the day on Teams chat. In our section, the core tasks are user contact via telephone, e-mail and chat. Our telephone system has managed the transition to a home office well, and we have had regular opening hours from day one. The difference is that we can now not chat and update each other orally between inquiries, since the employees work from the kitchen table or the dining room at home.
Why is your job important and how do you / your company contribute to keeping society going?
Statistics are perhaps particularly important in unusual times, and Statistics Norway frequently updates statistics on the economy, business, the population and the labor market to name a few. Every quarter, Statistics Norway publishes economic trends, where we assess the outlook for the Norwegian economy. In addition, we have now compiled statistics that are relevant for understanding how the coronavirus and the measures against it affect Norwegian society, including daily statistics on bankruptcies. Our section is in a way a front line. When someone calls Statistics Norway, it is usually one of us in the Section for user contact they come in contact with. We collaborate with all sections of Statistics Norway on information and make sure to be up to date on most things that happen in the agency.
Do you have any professional tips or advice that people should follow in these times?
First of all - find a good communication tool so that you have a good flow of information. In addition, it is important to ensure that you sit ergonomically correct and take breaks at regular intervals. When you do not have colleagues around you and do not have to go to conference rooms, you tend to sit in the same position for far too long.
What would you say to others who are considering your career?
In Statistics Norway, we have many exciting work tasks, and we have an important social mission. I would probably first and foremost recommend others to take an education in something they like - be it in IT, economics, political science or language. Work experience after education also has a lot to say, and my background as a journalist and TV texts was probably decisive for me getting a job at the Department of Communication and User Contact almost two years ago.
What is the best thing about working / living in the Kongsvinger region?
I actually do not live in the Kongsvinger region now, but the family moves to Kongsvinger in August - 20 years after we moved out of town. Now I am working from home in Horten. I am from Vestmarka in Eidskog and know the region well. It is good to avoid queuing, and there are also a lot of nice people in Kongsvinger and the surrounding area. But the very best thing is the smell of forest!

Watch the film where Annette tells about her everyday work in a state of emergency Insta og Facebook.

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