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Kongsvinger region

Commercial land for sale

The region is a natural junction in Scandinavia, with great road and rail connections to northern Norway and Europe. We are a closely integrated part of the Gardermoen and Oslo regions and share a border with Sweden.

"Næringshagen in Sør-Hedmark and Klosser innovation have an overview of all commercial plots and commercial buildings that are available in the Kongsvinger region. Get in touch with us and you will get guaranteed help"

Stian Gulli Hanssen, Business Developer, Klosser Innovasjon AS

Our largest areas

Regulated plots

All the municipalities in the Kongsvinger region have regulated business areas ready. Some areas have also been completed with infrastructure (road, water, drains, electricity, fiber). We also have a wide selection of different types of commercial buildings for rent or for sale. Here you will find commercial areas and plots in a market growing to 1/10 of the price on the Oslo-Gardermoen axis.

How can we help you ?

In Klosser Innovation and in Sør-Hedmark Næringshage, we have many employees with a background from the business community. We have expertise and background from Industry, production technology
industrial design, marketing, project management, real estate development and finance.

We are funded by Siva, the municipalities in the Kongsvinger region, Innlandet county and others.

We can contribute with:

  • Local knowledge to find the right plot or premises
  • Assist in the establishment of your business
  • Assistance in finding possible partners in connection with the establishment
  • Contact with the policy instruments (Siva, Innovation Norway, the Research Council, Enova, Næringsfond, etc.)
  • Recruitment of employees
  • Ask us - and we will find a solution

Stian Gulli Hanssen

Business developer

Phone: +905 72 748 XNUMX


Ola Boysen

Business developer

Phone: +951 37 283 XNUMX

How we can help you?