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Kongsvinger region

Business structures and benefits

Centrally situated in Eastern Norway, between Oslo and Sweden, you will find the Kongsvinger region. Seen from the air, it is green and mostly dominated by wooded hills and cultivated land. But do not be fooled! Both private and public sector experience progressive development.

"The Kongsvinger region has many qualities. It is centrally located and has good conditions for becoming a national engine in the bioeconomy. The region has great ambitions in terms of sustainability and new business. This means that those of us who establish ourselves here feel a positive drive."

Jan Christian Vestre, CEO, Vestre AS

A strong business community - with sound industrial expertise

The Kongsvinger region has one of the country's largest accumulations of industry. The 7-strong industrial cluster consists of over 90 companies which together have a turnover of NOK 9500 million, and accounts for over 4000 jobs in our region. Well known members are Maarud, Mapei, WesternSchütz Nordic, ØM Fjeld, Concrete East, Forestia, Bergene Holm, Glamox Luxo, Orkla Tile, Hydro Extrusion Norway

Business-friendly municipalities

  • Close cooperation between the six municipalities at the political and administrative level.
  • Everyone has a strong focus on business development.
  • The region is within the zone for district development funds from Innovation Norway.
  • Well developed regulations for business with reduced employer's national insurance contributions.
  • Regulated commercial zones and plots at very competitive prices.
  • Free advice and customized assistance from a highly competent business developer.

The greatest forest region

The Kongsvinger region is Norway's greatest forest region with large amounts of timber and agricultural produce (mainly potatoes and cereals). We have Norway's purest water and large amounts of clean power.

Affordable business areas near Oslo

The Kongsvinger region is close to the Oslo region. From Sør-Odal's municipal border it is 4 km from Gardermoen and 8 km from Oslo city center. In our region you will find regulated business areas and plots at 1/10 of the price on the Oslo-Gardermoen axis.

A logistics hub with a broad market access

The region is a closely integrated part of the Gardermoen and Oslo regions and close to the EU / Sweden. Kongsvinger is a natural hub in Scandinavia with good road / rail connections to northern Norway and Europe.

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