The viewer success "Forræder" premiered on April 28, recorded at the majestic Kongsvinger fortress

The viewer success "Forræder" is back with a new season this spring, the first episode was released TV2 Play Friday 28 April. Season 2 takes place in Kongsvinger at one of Norway's finest and most unique fortresses.

16 players checking in on mysterious Kongsvinger fortress to play "Traitor" in a season with new elements that will surprise both players and viewers.

- Last year's season of "Forræder" quickly became a violent "talkie" and a great viewer success on TV 2. Now we are looking forward to a new season and with new, exciting surprises that have been filmed in fantastic surroundings at Kongsvinger fortress, says Kathrine Haldorsen who is a program editor at TV 2.

Photo: Heidi Marie Gøperød/Fremantle

The 16 players arrive together as a pair with someone they have a close relationship with. Shortly after arrival, several players are drawn to become traitors in the game, everyone becomes individual players and the couples' relationship is quickly put to the test.

The traitors are tasked with misleading and eliminating the loyal. Will the loyalists manage to expose and banish the traitors before they themselves are eliminated? And can you trust your loved ones?

Photo: Jan-Petter Dahl/TV2

Mads Hansen is the game master in "Forræder", and is looking forward to one new season with a new twist.

- This year all the players arrive in pairs, i.e. with someone they have a strong relationship with, but when the game starts they are all individual players. Who takes the relationship further into the game, and who leaves it on the outside? And is it an advantage or a disadvantage to have someone with you who reads you like an open book? Because how well do they really know their partner, will they notice if something changes? says Mads Hansen.

Along the way, the players are given a series of missions and challenges, and everyone must work together to collect silver bars for the prize pool that the winners of the game get. Season two of "Traitor" offers new rules, surprises and challenges - and it happens on Kongsvinger fortress with the surrounding area.

Throughout the season, you will also catch glimpses of other exciting attractions in the Kongsvinger region. Do you want to learn more about the region? so feel free to press the boxes below here!




Welcome to the Kongsvinger region – Norway's green heart!

King wings with the majestic Kongsvinger fortress is the region's city, with Glomma as a connecting link to several of the surrounding municipalities.

The region has good educational opportunities at all levels, from primary school to university. In particular, it is worth noting the two unique secondary schools in solid wood, and the offers for those who want alternative educational arrangements. Safe growing up conditions are an important argument for moving here.

The labor market in the region is very varied and integrated. Many people live in one municipality and work in another. Good infrastructure and commuting options with public transport make this easy. As elsewhere in Norway, service production dominates, but adaptable and international industrial companies are also attractive employers for many.

The possibilities for leisure activities are many, and include e.g. a varied and exciting cultural life as well as a wide range of sports.

In season 2 of "Forræder" you will also get to know several other exciting attractions in the region. Do you want to know more about the Kongsvinger region? You can do that via the link here!

Photo: Fremantle/TV2

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