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Professional networks

Forum for business managers

Business managers in the municipalities meet regularly once a month. The forum works with activities related to the City Region project and follow-up of the action plan in the "Regional business strategy". 

“It gives greater impact and better results when we collaborate on action plans. It is also useful to have a common forum with the opportunity to discuss various topics or challenges. "

Eva Snare, business manager at Nord-Odal

Forum for business managers meets regularly on the last Friday of the month.

The forum is administered by Lars Gillund at Klosser Innovation. An agenda is sent out about a week in advance.

Permanent members from the municipalities in the region are:

Lars Helge Asvestad, Kongsvinger municipality
Steinar Grønnerud, Eidskog municipality
Nils Lindeberg, Åsnes municipality
John Kristian Strand, Sør-Odal municipality
Haakon Gjems, Grue municipality
Eva Snare, Nord-Odal municipality

From Klosser Innovation:

Stian Gulli Hansen, Klosser Innovation / Kongsvinger municipality
Lars Gillund, Klosser Innovation

Contact person: Lars Gillund, e-mail: