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The board consists of mayors and municipal directors from all member municipalities.

"It is the board's task to highlight and provide a professional basis for cooperation and discussion on the major and important matters that are to be discussed politically in the representative council."

Trond Stenhaug, chair of the councilors' committee

Processes applications and makes decisions


The board has a mandate to process applications and make decisions for the Kongsvinger region inter-municipal political council. The board can also elect regional representatives to various boards, councils and committees, and is the body where input, letters and consultation statements are adopted.

In relation to the purpose, the board shall prioritize the following tasks:

  • Take the initiative on behalf of the region in areas / issues that can benefit the region.
  • Agree to initiate individual measures and projects within given allocations.
  • Make statements on behalf of the region where this is natural.
  • Appoint representatives of regional co-operation bodies, unless the statutes of these bodies provide otherwise.
  • The board may otherwise raise matters it deems appropriate.

The board makes decisions within the financial framework that the Kongsvinger region has been assigned to the inter-municipal political council.


For 2020, ORM consists of the following members:

  • Kari Heggelund (mayor, Åsnes). Manager.
  • Rune Grenberg (rapporteur, Grue). Deputy Chairman
  • Knut Hvithammer (mayor, Sør-Odal).
  • Kamilla Thue (mayor, Eidskog)
  • Eli Wathne (mayor, Kongsvinger)
  • Kjetil Sløtte (acting mayor, Nord-Odal)
  • Anita Olen Aasen (municipal director, Nord-Odal)
  • Anita Orlund (municipal director, Sør-Odal)
  • Ole Frode Mikkelsgård (municipal director, Grue)
  • Otto Langmoen (municipal director, Åsnes)
  • Trond Stenhaug (councillor, Eidskog)

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