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Collaboration on services

Overview - inter-municipal cooperation

The municipalities in the region participate in a number of larger and less formal collaborations, or are co-owners in various companies. Here you will find an overview, sorted by subject areas.

The list is not complete.

"When we sorted all inter-municipal collaborations by functional area, we got a better overview."

Trond Stenhaug, project manager regional ownership report


  • Hedmark ICT (Host Municipality)
  • Odal Finance Office (Host Municipality)
  • Regional procurement cooperation, RIIK (Host Municipality)
  • Hedmark Revision IKS
  • Glåmdal secretariat IKS
  • Inter-municipal privacy representative (Host municipality)
  • The county archive IKA opplandene (Assignment collaboration)

Community development

  • Kongsvinger region intermunicipal political councils
  • Klosser Innovation AS
  • Visit Kongsvingerregionen AS
  • Solør narynshage AS
  • Sør-Hedmark vegetable garden AS
  • The Cooperation Alliance The Oslo Region
  • The ARKO collaboration

health and care

  • Kongsvinger inter-municipal emergency room
  • Glåmdal Crisis Center (Host Municipality)
  • Regional cooperation related to volunteering, public health and physical activity
  • Odal child welfare service
  • Solør child welfare service
  • Kongsvinger region child welfare guard
  • Collaboration coordinator Ahus

Work, inclusion, education

  • Glåmdal inter-municipal adult education IKS
  • The University College Foundation in Kongsvinger
  • Will AS
  • Bramiljø AS
  • Eskoleia AS
  • Eskoleia Progresso AS
  • Eskoleia BEDR kindergarten
  • New Growth and Competence AS
  • Atico AS
  • Odal PPT
  • Solør PPT
  • The training office for industrial companies Østlandet SA
  • NAV Odal

Technical services

  • GIVAS (Glåmdal intermunicipal water and sewerage IKS)
  • GIR (Glåmdal intermunicipal waste management company IKS)
  • Retura Glåma AS
  • Solør bioenergi AS (formerly Glåma bioenergi)
  • Rekom AS
  • GBI (Glåmdal Fire Brigade IKS)
  • Solør renovation IKS
  • The GIS collaboration in Sør-Hedmark (Assignment collaboration)
  • Inlandet Energi Holding AS
  • The agricultural office Åsnes and Våler
  • Inter-municipal veterinary guard
  • Juptjenn Vannverk SA


Culture and leisure

  • Odal Cultural School
  • Odal Outdoor Council
  • Finnskogen Outdoor Council
  • Teater Innlandet AS
  • ANNO Museum AS
  • The library center
  • Theater in Glåmdal (Host Municipality)
  • Finnskogen nature and outdoor park
  • The amalgamation of Utmark municipalities
  • The Women's Museum Foundation
  • Kinoalliansen AS