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Kongsvinger region inter-municipal political council

This is a political co-operation body for the six municipalities in the Kongsvinger region and Innlandet county. In everyday speech, the body is simply called the "Regional Council".

"Through increased efforts to improve the region's accessibility, market orientation and knowledge base, efforts will be made to increase the breadth of the workplace offer and the versatility of working life."

Kari Heggelund, leader

Six municipalities participate

The Kongsvinger region consists of Eidskog, Grue, Kongsvinger, Nord-Odal, Sør-Odal and Åsnes municipality.

The Regional Council shall contribute to a positive development of the region and safeguard the interests of the inhabitants across municipal boundaries and administrative levels. The Regional Council shall promote the region's interests in county and national contexts.

In relation to the purpose, the Regional Council shall prioritize the following tasks:

  • Take the initiative on behalf of the region in areas / issues that can benefit the region.
  • Utilize and further develop the municipalities' and county municipality's resources for the common good of the region's inhabitants, e.g. through increased joint utilization of available financial and human resources.
  • Regional planning work.
  • The Regional Council may otherwise raise matters it deems appropriate.
  • The Regional Council must contribute to the initiation of processes where this seems relevant.

The individual municipality grants NOK annually. 30, - pr. inhabitant. The county municipality's subsidy is the operation of the regional council office.

Members of the Regional Council 2020 - 2024


  • Kamilla Thue
  • Per Olav Stenslet
  • Knut Gustav Woie
  • Trond Stenhaug


  • Rune Grenberg
  • Niels F. Rolsdorf
  • Åse Bjerke Lilleåsen
  • Ole Frode Mikkelsgård


  • Eli Wathne
  • Tommy Smedtorp
  • Elin Såheim Bjørkli
  • Lars Andreas Uglem


  • Kjetil Sløtte (acting rapporteur)
  • Ole Theodor Holth (acting deputy rapporteur)
  • Find Egil Sandmo
  • Anne Olen Aasen

South Odal commune

  • Knut Hvithammer (leader)
  • Heidi Hitland
  • Morten Holmen
  • Anita Orlund


  • Kari Heggelund
  • Rune Sørli
  • Frank Bjørneseth
  • Otto Langmoen

Innlandet county

  • Per Gunnar Sveen
  • Helge Thomassen
  • Randi Sletnes
Panel discussion during "reunion" February 2020. From left: Glåmdalen's journalist, Lise Selnes, Kamilla Thue, Rune Grenberg, Margrethe Haarr, Knut Hvithammer, Kari Heggelund

Contact us


If you want to discuss or promote regional, interest policy issues, you can contact the leader or advisor.

Kari Heggelund

Leader Kongsvinger region IPR

Phone: +904 02 505 XNUMX

Anne House


Phone: +917 63 968 XNUMX