Experience in Kongsvinger this summer!

Dear residents and visitors - experience Kongsvinger this summer!

We are pleased to present a brand new city map for Kongsvinger, designed to help you explore a selection of what our city has to offer. The map is perfect for you whether you are a tourist, new to the city, or have lived here for a long time and want to get to know Kongsvinger better. Get to know the city's selection in the following four categories better:

Pleasant trade and local taxes
Discover Kongsvinger's unique niche shops. From cozy clothes shops to unique gift shops, here you get tips on where you can shop locally and support the city's small businesses.

Taste experiences and pleasant breaks
Enjoy a selection of the city's cafes, patisseries, restaurants, bakeries and nightclubs. Here you will find recommendations for everything from a quick cup of coffee to a long, relaxing dinner.

Experiences, adventures and endorphins
Find the best places for a day filled with urban experiences. See an overview of various activity offers, museums, play parks, cultural offers and bathing opportunities.

Reuse, borrow, fix and renew
Explore the possibilities of living sustainably with the city's offers for reuse, repair and renewal. Here you will find tips on where you can borrow equipment, repair clothes or buy second-hand treasures.

Here you will find the map
The map is available in many of the city's niche shops and restaurants. In addition, you will find the map at the Town Hall Theatre, Kongsvinger library and Servicetorget to name a few places.


We hope that the map will make it easier for you to explore Kongsvinger, discover new favorite places, and make the most of what the city has to offer. Whether you are looking for exciting experiences, sustainable alternatives, pleasant shopping or delicious taste experiences, we hope the map will give you valuable tips and inspiration.

Happy exploring!

With best regards,
The town of Vår Kongsvinger with the partners Klosser Innovasjon og Practice

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