Circular business opportunities - we are looking for partners!

Welcome to workshop 3 in Circle Scan Kongsvinger Region - a fully digital workshop

The goal of this collection is "business matchmaking" and strategy development. We hope to find partners, define frameworks and scope for 3-4 new circular pilot projects to support the development of O-House.

The O-House project is a result of the Circle Scan Kongsvinger region, the goal of the project is to build a prototype of a circular youth housing where the ambition is to recycle as much old building material as possible. This project has already received support from the county municipality, and from the prototype there is a desire to build 60 such homes in all 6 municipalities participating in the project. We therefore want to focus workshops around pilots to solve challenges in the O-House project. You can read more about the project here .

We want the day to be efficient and lead to new circular pilot projects to support the development of O-House. We will therefore focus on the strategy Increased use of secondary materials.

When:: June 18
Time: 09.30 – 12.00
Place: Link sent to registered
registration: The event is over.

Agenda for the day:
09: 30-10: 30 - Part 1 Introduction
- Review of findings from phase 1 & 2
- Presentation of selected strategies
- O-house. A circular prototype - the starting point for new business ideas?
- O-house as a catalyst for circular economy. How do we get scaled / realized development of 60 such homes?
- Q&A

10: 50-12: 00 Part 2 - Strategies and pilot projects
- Presentation of discussion and development of strategies
- Determine the next step in developing strategies

The main focus of the workshop will be to work with and develop strategies for potential pilot projects, the selected strategies and potential directions are "Increased use of secondary materials".
We hope you have the opportunity to participate, you can sign up for the event here . Then you can also choose whether you participate in Kongsvinger or via Teams. If you are not familiar with the project or want to learn more can read more at

Sofie Pindsle, Circular Norway, +47 92 06 78 57
Jordi Pascual, Circle Economy,
Eva Snare, Business Manager Nord Odal Municipality

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