-a digital week about the opportunities in the Kongsvinger region

It's time to meet again!

Experience the region
together with me!

Experience the region
together with me!

What exactly is #treffes?


In March, we arranged a digital week about the opportunities in the region.

Did you bring #treffes from 8.-12. March this year? A digital week where we showed job opportunities, meeting places, life and future prospects for the region.

If you scroll down this page, you get a little more insight into the content of the campaign week. 

Glåmdalen's web series about people and dreams

Last winter, Per Lunder was traveling around the Kongsvinger region to talk to people who have made their dreams come true.
Take the time to watch all four episodes of the web series. Maybe you will be inspired?

Episode 1: In the first episode, we get to join Jim and Sandra, who are in the process of realizing their dream home in Sør-Odal.

Episode 2: Per has always dreamed of having his OWN hobby room. He realizes that he needs inspiration to complete the project. See Per travel around and visit people who have realized their dreams.

Episode 3: What is it really like to start your own business in our region? Join in as Per bakes pizza with the talented entrepreneur behind the successes Kafé Bohem and Bakeriet in Øvrebyen.

Episode 4: That the world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory should be located at Magnormoen is no coincidence, according to the general manager of world-famous Vestre. Watch the full interview with the enthusiastic business leader.

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Where is the content?

Get to know the region online

When you have time - where you are.

On online newspaper #treffes  we show the opportunities in the region to you who are considering moving here or who want to get to know us better.

The online newspaper is filled with information about job opportunities in the region, local meeting places, what it is like to live here. In addition, you will hear about people who have gotten jobs in the region and about others who have taken the big step and moved here.

Next to good stories, perhaps the best thing is that everyone has free access to the online newspaper!

If you follow @kongsvingerregionen on social media, you will also get information about local employers, vacancies, local initiatives and stories about people who have moved home. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

Read stories
about people who
is located here

Do you see someone you know?

Job opportunities

Jobs available at the moment

Are you looking for a job in our region? Here you will find vacancies in the private and public sector in all our six municipalities.

Right now it is 251 Job Advertisements in the Kongsvinger region published on finn.no and nav.no

Homes and plots

Are you looking for a place to stay?

Here you will find homes for sale, rental properties and plots ready for construction in all our six municipalities.

Right now, 0 Propertysea in the Kongsvinger region on finn.no
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Max pulse: Greetings from Hjert! An ordinary guy with a small sweet family, a little too small apartment, far too little time and a little too little energy. How will he manage to get out of the hamster wheel and have more time with the family?

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Low shoulders: Heart and family consider whether they need more space. But do they dare to move from the pulsating and safe life in the big city? What awaits around the next turn? Life itself?

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A lot on the heart!
Heart meets relatives over a coffee. They have so much on their minds! What happens when he says he is uncertain about the job opportunities and the future in the region?

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Love Hearts:
What can kids explore in the green heart of Norway? Have a look!

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Flying hearts:
Heart is bored. He has heard that not much happens in the Kongsvinger region. Is that right or? Is there really nothing to do? Let's hear what Dot has to say about that.

Webinars on job opportunities

Are you curious about whether there are job opportunities for you in our region? On Tuesday 9 March and Wednesday 10 March, a webinar was arranged where a selection of local actors talked about job opportunities and skills needs. See the clips below.

DAY 1: Webinar

See the lectures from the webinar on job opportunities on March 9, 2021.

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See lectures from the following local actors:

(See set start time for each lecture in the film):

00:00:00 - Welcome by Lars Gillund, Klosser Innovation

00:00:27 - Odal Sparebank v / Mette F. Skogstad and Marianne Nybakk

00:13:17 - Active Crew v / Even Haug

00:28:16 - Mapei AS v / Frode Ek Skarnes

00:46:15 - Høgskolestiftelsen i Kongsvinger v / Vegard Herlyng

00:59:38 - Åsnes municipality v / Kari Heggelund

01:16:02 - KB Eiendom v / Kjersti Wangen

01:30:56 - Nordbohus Kongsvinger AS v / Per Gunnar Gjermshus

01:47:09 - Sør-Odal kommune v / Ambjørg Flaata

Stories from the region

How is it to
live and work here?

We have talked to several who would like to share their experiences.

Read more #kongsstories here:
Life and housing    The wheels are turning    Business

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