We give you answers to the questions and names of four lucky winners

19 AUGUST 2019

This summer's facebook competition engaged over 600 people. See answers to the questions and the names of the four who won a gift card from Skarstad Gartneri.

Here are questions and answers from this year's summer quiz:

Question 1: Friday, July 5th
In the #Kongsvinger region we have many beautiful train stations. Where in the region is this station located and which architect designed it?
Answer: Magnor, Eidskog. Architect: Georg Andreas Bull.

Question 2: Sunday 7 July
Somewhere in the #Kongsvinger region, this memorial stone stands in the middle of tall pine trees. The place is known for the battles in the war against the Swedes in 1809. What is this place called?
Answer: The stone is in memory of the battle of Trangen in Åsnes. The Battle of Trangen was a military battle between Norwegian and Swedish forces on April 25, 1808, during the war with Sweden 1808–1809.

Question 3: Wednesday 10 July
Football is life! This sports hall is located in a municipality that triples its population when they invite to this year's big tournament. Do you know which municipality we are talking about in the #Kongsvinger region?
Answer: Grue Municipality

Question 4: Saturday 13 July
This area is a living museum area with cozy cafes and cozy streets. Where are we?
Answer: Øvrebyen, Kongsvinger

Question 5: Wednesday 17 July
Summer is too many active days out with climbing the trees, swimming and ice! Here, young and old are welcome to play and have fun this summer. Do you know where in the #Kongsvinger region we are?
Answer: Skarnes lekeland

Question 6: Saturday 20 July
Can you imagine a trip out in the blue, but have no boat? This summer you can rent pedal boats, rowing boats and canoes at this campsite. Do you know which campsite has this pier and where we are?
Answer: Songnabben camping, Sand

Question 7: Wednesday 24 July
Do you want to go for a walk in the woods or fish in Gjeddevatnet this summer? Then maybe you know what this place is called and where we are?
Answer: Gjeddevasskoiene, Bruvoll, Nord-Odal

Question 8: Saturday 27 July
For many, summer is lazy days with a good book in their lap. Why buy new books when you can rent at the library? Which library have we visited here?
Answer: Kongsvinger Library

Question 9: Wednesday 31 July
Where can we find this floodstone in the #Kongsvinger region?
Hint: In June 1995, the villagers in the municipality fought a fierce battle to save their municipal center.
Answer: Flomsteinen by Grøset in Grue (the municipal center referred to is Kirkenær)

Question 10: Saturday, August 3rd
Did you know that we have one of the world's longest wooden bridges in the #Kongsvinger region? Next to the bridge is a high-rise statue that is also said to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. Where are we and what does the statue symbolize?
Answer: Åsnes, Flisa bridge and the world's largest toothpicks and testify that Jordan has had a factory on Flisa for many years.

Question 11: Tuesday 6 August
Which lake in the #Kongsvinger region the sunset is reflected in here?
Answer: Storsjøen

Question 12: Thursday 8 August
#Glomma flows through large parts of the #Kongsvinger region. This is a bridge that is both loved and hated - where are we?
Answer: Sandstadbrua, Kirkenær, Grue

Question 13: Saturday, August 10rd
Here young and old can learn more about life on a farm and greet many farm animals. Where have we been visiting today?
Answer: Klokkertunet, Brandval. See opening hours for the visitor farm on their website.

Question 14: Monday 12 August
Several lakes in the #Kongsvinger region have names that end in "reien", which is an old
words for water or water collection. In Kongsvinger you will find the lakes #Tullreien and
#Bureien. The lake in the picture has the same ending and is close to the other two. What is the name of
the lake and where in Kongsvinger are the three neighboring lakes?
Answer: Steinreien, Lunderseter.

Question 15: Wednesday 14 August
If you visit this place this summer, you can see how glowing mass is magically shaped into reputable brands. Where have we been visiting this time?
Answer: Glass cabin, Magnor Glassworks

Question 16: Friday 16 August
Jumping in the hay, horseback riding, felting, throwing sticks and horse riding are just some of the activities young and old can enjoy at this place during the children's day on Sunday 25 August. Where is the image taken from?
Answer: Odalstunet, Sør-Odal. Children's day at Odalstunet: https://odalstunet.no/barnas-dag-2019

We have drawn four lucky participants who will receive a gift certificate for local food Skarstad Gartneri at Kongsvinger.

The four lucky participants are:

  • Ulla-Mona Kauterud
  • Harriet Krokstrand Bergersen
  • Leikny Bekkevold
  • Anne Marie Rustad Holseter

The value of the gift card is NOK 500, -. The winners will be contacted. We congratulations!

Feel free to follow Kongsvinger region on Facebook. This fall, we share several exciting stories from our district.

We wish you a nice late summer!

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