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Inter-municipal projects

The urban region project in the Kongsvinger region

The project will contribute to the municipalities, business, universities and other actors in the Kongsvinger region working in a coordinated and targeted manner to create job growth in the region.


"The work has contributed to turning the decline in employment into job growth in 2016 and 2017."

Lise Selnes, Head of the Regional Council in the previous period

The Kongsvinger region has participated in the City Region program, initiated by KMD. The project was completed in 2017, but the work will be continued through Klosser Innovajon AS.

Through the City Region Program, a number of measures and projects have been initiated that will contribute to creating regional growth. Klosser Innovation is responsible for the project management of the program on behalf of the regional council and the municipalities in the Kongsvinger region. Among the measures being worked on are coordinated contact with the authorities, joint reputation building and the development of growth projects throughout the region.

Model: The business strategy for the Kongsvinger region



Development program for urban regions - The urban region program - will increase knowledge about the interaction between urban and surrounding areas in order to strengthen the regional growth force in these areas. 37 urban regions with a total of 213 municipalities are now in the process of completing phase 2 of the program.

You can read about the City Region project Kongsvingerregionen phase 2 at The district center's website.

Contact: Lars Gillund, project manager. e-mail:

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