Must build pride - invites to Norway's largest reunion

Do you dream of moving home, or do you want to learn more about the region of opportunity? Stay tuned every week the rest of the year!

- We were a doomed region that has managed to turn the ship around, and the Kongsvinger region has in recent years experienced positive growth in the number of jobs and investments. Unfortunately, we do not see corresponding growth in the population and we want to do something about this now, says regional council leader Kamilla Thue.

On 2 September, a united region kicks off a campaign that will contribute to creating citizen pride and good ambassadors to convey positivity and growth, but also recruit competence by building faith in the future with sunshine and success stories from the entire region. 

Will show a growing region

The campaign name "Back to my roots" clearly emphasizes who is the main target group for the project.

- Through surveys, we know, among other things, that many residents want to move home to the Kongsvinger region, but that they may not have the arguments to convince themselves or their loved ones to take the step. We will help both existing residents and emigrants from the Kongsvinger region to become good ambassadors for their home district, and show that this is actually a growth region with enormous opportunities, says Thue, who is also mayor of Eidskog municipality.

Every week for the rest of the year, reports from the entire region will be published on, including business, new residents, housing projects, exciting studies and culture. The campaign ends with an open event for those who want to move home or get to know the region better on 18 January.

- Then we invite you to Norway's largest reunion. Here, everyone who has once lived in the Kongsvinger region can come and look at everything we have to offer, and then we will make sure to give you enough arguments that you travel back in the knowledge that this region is attractive, growing and with good future prospects, promises Thue

The arena of possibilities

The municipalities in the Kongsvinger region and Klosser Innovation carried out several surveys among existing residents and emigrants earlier this year to identify the obstacles we face in the hunt for new residents. The result was clear: We have not been able to make our strengths and success stories visible well enough, which in turn means that the potential returnees choose not to return.

- We see that the Kongsvinger region can be attractive for relocation for parents of young children or couples who are planning a family increase. Here we can offer a quieter life without worries about time constraints, closeness to family and friends, the dream house with garden, and access to varied nature, hunting and fishing.

- The Kongsvinger region is also an arena of opportunity in relation to entrepreneurs, with various policy instruments, forward-looking municipalities and grant opportunities. The interesting competence positions can also be found here, but they are not well enough known yet, the regional council leader adds.

Together about growth

Behind the campaign and the goal is a unified region; business, municipalities and policy instruments. Mayor Kamilla Thue wants all political parties to also take part in this initiative:

- We want all mayoral candidates to join, and I encourage a charity event for the region. To symbolize the Kongsvinger region's desire for growth, we will plant a tree for the community. If we are to succeed, we must do it together.


Supplier of spruce plants for the selection: Granli Nursery


Each municipality plants a tree for common regional green growth


Mayor of Kongsvinger municipality, Sjur Strand, planted the tree that symbolizes the ambition for green growth


Together for growth